It is very easy to prepare simple dishes for dinner, you just have to know what to do !, and with this article of you have it easy, because we are going to teach you 12 recipes of easy dinners with egg, so you know what to prepare the time to eat at night.
Our advice is that you vary the elaborations and commas 3 or 4 easy meals with eggs that we propose to you a week, so that you do not get bored eating always the same and because in addition, it is important to maintain a balanced diet. If you want to know everything about the egg, keep reading this article of easy dinners with eggs!

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Benefits of the egg
The tortilla
Stuffed eggs
Scrambled eggs
Fried eggs
Benefits of the egg
Eggs have become an essential food at dinners in all homes due to their nutritional properties and easy digestion. Broadly speaking, this food gives us, among other things, a large amount of vitamins from group A, B, D and E; and minerals, especially iron. Also, the egg is rich in proteins (especially the clear), which help to perform many functions of our body such as the manufacture and regeneration of tissues; and it is also rich in lipids (the yolks), which act as energy reserves and regulate some hormones in the human body.
The eggs of the birds that most consume humans are chicken, although it is increasingly common for people to consume eggs of duck, oca, quail or even ostrich. In addition, egg products can be used to make endless dishes, whether sweet or savory, and their easy cooking allows the realization of multiple recipes. And let’s not forget its binding properties, which help to thicken and clarify many of our elaborations.
One of the reasons why it is recommended to eat meals with eggs is because the proteins they contain are absorbed very easily, and since they contain neither fiber nor carbohydrates, the eggs are not very caloric. Another of the main reasons is that eggs contain a nutrient, especially in the yolk, called choline, which helps to fight the inflammation of muscle tissues, so it is highly recommended to take recipes with eggs at night, to help the body to recover and regenerate while we sleep. In the same way, eggs are also a natural source of vitamin D, a nutrient that acts in the formation of bone tissues. For these and other reasons, it is very healthy to prepare recipes for easy dinners with eggs at dinner time, but always keeping in mind that doctors and nutritionists recommend eating between 3 and 5 eggs per week.

12 recipes for easy dinners with eggs – Benefits of the egg

The tortilla
The tortilla is an excellent option to make easy dinners with eggs because you only have to watch their cooking al dente and out of the fire, add the chosen condiment or fill the tortilla of what you like the most.
Potatoes’ tortilla with onion
The best known is the potato omelet with onion, a typical Spanish cuisine that serves a lot to make recipes with easy eggs, since you need very few ingredients and a bit of skill with the pan when turning it over. But the potato omelette is delicious and, in addition, it always goes well at any time, especially when it comes to preparing an easy dinner.
French ham and cheese omelet
The French omelette is also another ideal option to prepare recipes for easy dinners with eggs, since it is still easier to prepare than the potato omelette with onions. In this case, we have chosen a tasty French ham and cheese omelet, but remember that you can make any other recipe with an easy egg, filling the French omelette with the ingredients that you like the most.
Tortilla stuffed with vegetables and cheese
Another of the recipes you can make for your easy dinners with eggs is the tortilla of vegetables and cheese, for example, one of the classic simple and fast filled tortillas to make. Here you can also fill your omelet with the ingredients you prefer and make it to your liking.

12 recipes for easy dinners with eggs – La tortilla

Stuffed eggs
To make one of your 12 recipes of easy dinners with eggs you can also prepare simple stuffed eggs, a dish with multiple combinations that will help you prepare easy and fast egg meals.
Eggs stuffed with tuna and tomato sauce
The eggs stuffed with tuna and tomato sauce are a very typical dish of easy egg meals that you can prepare at home without any effort. You just need some eggs, a little tuna and tomato sauce, and without realizing it, you’ll have prepared them. Of course, you can fill the eggs with the ingredients that you like, this is just an idea that we recommend.
Eggs stuffed with ham au gratin
The eggs stuffed with ham gratins are also part of the recipes with eggs, since they are prepared just like stuffed eggs but there is only one difference, and that is that after filling them, you just have to sprinkle a bit of the grated cheese that you prefer and grilling them in the oven as if they were a pizza … delicious!
Vegetarian stuffed eggs
Another recipes you can make to prepare a dinner with an easy egg if you do not want to fill yourself so much and / or you are vegetarian, are the vegetarian stuffed eggs, a very simple and quick preparation to make, and much lighter than the previous options. But remember that you can always fill the eggs with whatever you want and give them your special touch.

12 recipes for easy dinners with eggs – Stuffed eggs

Scrambled eggs
If you do not like any of the above options now it’s the turn of scrambled eggs, another way to make recipes for easy dinners with eggs, without much effort and very nutritious that will appeal to both the youngest and the oldest.
Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese
The scrambled eggs with ham and cheese are an easy recipe for food with eggs that will not take much time and that, on top, is very good. Here we have added ham and cheese, but you can make some scrambled eggs with the ingredients you want.
Scrambled eggs English style
Do you want to have breakfast like a real English Sir? Well try to make some scrambled eggs English style, a recipe typical of the Anglo-Saxon countries that will not leave you indifferent. They usually take them for breakfast, but you can eat these stuffed eggs at any time and make an easy and light dinner.
Scrambled eggs with tomato and onion
Scrambled eggs with tomato and onion are also a good idea as an easy dinner, since they are finger-licking and you can make them with these ingredients, or you can use all those that you like or have more at hand at home.

12 recipes for easy dinners with eggs – Scrambled eggs

Fried eggs
And finally, we present our beloved and versatile fried eggs, a simple and delicious way to cook eggs to make any meal with easy egg. I do not know about you but I think it is one of the egg meals that better combine with any other.
Fried eggs with caramelized onions
The fried eggs with caramelized onions are the typical fried eggs that we can find anywhere. You just have to fry the eggs and add the caramelized onions, but you can make them your way and add any other vegetable or ingredient that you like.
Fried eggs to the Villaroy
Have you ever tried some breaded eggs as if they were croquettes? Well, do not wait any longer and try the fried eggs at Villaroy, a recipe with an easy egg that will make you see the stars when the liquid yolk explodes in your mouth …
Starred eggs with serrano ham
But if what you want is to surprise everyone with your 12 recipes of easy dinners with eggs, this recipe for crashed eggs with Serrano ham is yours, because not only is it delicious, it is also super easy to make, and if you You put a few drops of truffle oil on top, you’ll remember us!
12 recipes for easy dinners with eggs – fried eggs
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