These 25 easy, fast and cheap summer recipes are perfect to combat high temperatures and refresh in the hottest days of this time of year, since they are usually cold dishes that are made with very few ingredients and that allow multiple combinations according to the consumer taste.
Because of the heat, our body tends to lose a little appetite and eat less in summer, but this does not have to be a problem if we eat nutritious and healthy foods like these that we show you below. If you want to learn to prepare quick and inexpensive summer recipes for the most part, do not miss the following Recipes Free article and try the one you like the most!

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Cold soups: gazpachos and salmorejos
Summer salads
Cold creams
Tartares and carpaccios
Toasts, canapés and cold sandwiches

Which option do you choose?

Cold soups: gazpachos and salmorejos
Cold soups such as gazpachos or salmorejos are an ideal option when making easy summer recipes, because very few ingredients are needed for their preparation and they are also very refreshing and healthy dishes.
From the typical Andalusian gazpacho or salmorejo cordobés, to other more original cold soups such as cucumber gazpacho or beetroot salmorejo, all are good options for easy, quick and cheap summer recipes that we can prepare at a time when eating or dinner on those hot days.
Most of these dishes are made by grinding and straining all the ingredients together, so we can prepare them quickly and without messing the kitchen much, of course, it is necessary to store them a while before in the fridge or add ice to taste them very cold.

And since we do not all like the same cold soups, here we leave you our selection with our favorites:

Andalusian gazpacho
Beet salmorejo
Strawberry gazpacho
Salmorejo Cordobés
Cucumber gazpacho
25 easy, fast and cheap summer recipes – Cold soups: gazpachos and salmorejos

Summer salads

Summer salads are also one of the most recommended options when making economical summer menus. We can make some original and varied salads without investing much time and without spending a lot of money because, fortunately, salads are one of the dishes that most variations of ingredients accept and usually combine well with whatever.
Some of the best known among the youngest are pasta salads that we can usually make with any short pasta, such as macaroni, loops or spirals. Also known within this category are potato salads, fruit salads or rice salads, much more potent than typical green leaf salads, but which can be equally healthy.

Here we show you some of the recipes of summer salads that we like the team:

Andalusian summer salad
Summer salad with pasta
Special summer salad
Rice salad with green beans
Summer potato salad

25 easy, fast and cheap summer recipes – Summer salads

Cold creams
They are also ideal cold creams to make easy summer recipes because in addition to refresh, they are also very healthy and quick to develop such as, for example, vegetable creams or creams of seafood or fish. Both the one and the other are delicious and are low in calories, those yes, according to your pocket you will have to use one type or another of seafood, as well as fish as well. They can also be made with potatoes, milk, cream, eggs, etc., being even more nutritious.
But in general, they are usually cold because of the heat they make in summer, but we can also make the same version of the hot cold cream for another time of the year when it gets colder. Also in summer, as already mentioned, we tend to have less appetite, so a good healthy cold cream with lots of nutrients will be a perfect choice to eat.

If you are interested in cold creams, you can take a look at these cold summer meals:


Cold cream of beet and leek
Cold cream of shellfish
Cold cucumber cream
Cold avocado and lemon cream
Cold tomato and prawns cream
25 easy, fast and cheap summer recipes – Cold Creams

Tartares and carpaccios

There are many possibilities for tartares and carpaccios that we can make in our kitchens without the need to go to a gourmet restaurant. From the classic tuna or salmon tartare, to meat or beet carpaccios, to more daring options such as steak tartare or carpaccio of octopus or prawns. All very valid elaborations to make summer recipes easy, fast and cheap.
In the case of tartar, we just have to cut the main ingredient that we have chosen well chopped and season it with the sauce or vinaigrette that we like the most; the most typical are raw fish tartares but we can also make them with vegetables and meats. And in the case of carpaccio, it is only necessary to cut the main ingredient in thin sheets or slices and arrange it on a plate with the accompaniments you have chosen to give it a different and special flavor. The most classic is the beef carpaccio but here we leave you several other options so you can see how easy it is to make simple summer meals:
Beetroot carpaccio with goat cheese
Smoked salmon tartare
Octopus Carpaccio
Beetroot and avocado tartar
Loin Carpaccio

25 easy, fast and cheap summer recipes – Tartares and carpaccios

Toasts, canapés and cold sandwiches
Finally, to finish the list of these 25 easy, fast and cheap summer recipes, we have chosen the world of bread with its multiple variables. From the typical toasts with tomato, through the salmon and cheese canapés to the tuna sandwiches with eggs. This category is infinite and not even talking about this topic alone would there be room in this article to put all the recipes that there are.
While it is true that more than a starter are an appetizer, they can also be used as such to start a light and healthy summer meal or dinner right. It is only necessary to take the ingredients that you like and place them in the type of bread you prefer to get delicious canapés, sandwiches or toast to your liking. And enjoy eating!

Do not miss these quick and easy summer recipes that we recommend below:

Toast with avocado
Canapés of goat cheese and apple
Cucumber and avocado sandwich
Surimi toasts
Canapé of gluttony and prawns

25 easy, fast and cheap summer recipes – Toasts, canapés and cold sandwiches

Which option do you choose?
What choice of summer meals do you like the most? We love to eat anything so we can not choose only one. But you can let us know which one you would like by leaving us a comment in the article and telling us what you prefer.
Go ahead and eat in a healthy way and without hardly moving a finger with this selection of the best 25 easy, fast and economical summer recipes that we have taught you in RecipesGratis! and become the best cook in your house without eating much coconut.
25 easy, fast and cheap summer recipes – Which option do you choose?
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