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I’m Alex, the creative head in the kitchen. Even as a young girl, healthy food was a passion for me. I always liked to cook and baked. Although I wanted to eat a healthy diet while avoiding sugar, nothing could stop me from trying cakes and desserts. After years of trying everything, I manage everything that I put in my head. For me, healthy nutrition is a cornerstone of my daily life, but for me it must not be missing the fun of eating. I therefore see it as my mission to combine healthy food and enjoyment.

Welcome to kitchen gods! 

you love good food and enjoy cooking? Then you are exactly right here! On cookingtime24.com people meet who like to cook, eat and enjoy and share this passion with you. This includes us, a small editorial team of 4 SEASONS DIGITAL.NET GMBH , based in Munich, which works to make you feel comfortable here and likes to collect and exchange recipes with us. We are Bettina Muller ,  Maike Damm  and Maria Dirschauer .

We want to be a good host for you. And that’s why we filled our fridge well before your visit. Over 50,000 tasty recipes are waiting to be boiled, rated and refined. Where we all got them from? From the cookbooks with the yellow GU logo. And with every new cookbook, our assortment of recipes is growing here on the internet. So that you always find what you are looking for on cookingtime24.com, we have sorted the recipes nicely: for example, according to ingredients, regions, type of preparation or season & occasion. We hope you enjoy browsing the “best recipes between heaven and earth”.

We still have many ideas that make cooking more beautiful. We inform about this regularly in our blog .

We hope you enjoy browsing our recipes , videos , merchandise & Co.