Mexican cuisine is recognized worldwide for its fusion preparations, products of miscegenation. The strong flavors, represented by a spicy seasoning, are part of his personal stamp. Undoubtedly, this culinary tradition brings important recipes to the legacy of international cuisine, becoming a very important point of reference for any food lover.
At RecetaGratis we want to share with you a small part of the Mexican culinary legacy, bringing to you the 15 typical dishes of Mexico. Rest assured that after seeing these culinary delights you will run out to cook them. More Mexican than the nopal!

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History of Mexican gastronomy
Typical Mexican food recipes
Cod in Biscay
Chicken mixiote
Mole poblano
Tortilla Soup
Pozole in all its versions
Puebla-style chiles in nogada
Romeritos with mole
Nopales in pasilla sauce
Mexican tamales
Mexican tacos
Peanut marzipan
Traditional dead bread
Corn starch
To taste the most typical Mexican foods!
History of Mexican gastronomy
The Mexicans are worthy descendants of the Aztec and Mayan civilization, who were one of the main Mesoamerican cultures. Both societies were politically organized, deeply religious and highly educated. Then, with the passage of time, the Spaniards arrived, and from there there was a deep cultural and ethnic miscegenation. Thus arises the Mexico we know today.
The history of Mexican cuisine is rich and exciting, full of mythologies of gods, legends of pre-Hispanic kings, meeting of cultures, exotic ingredients and culinary resources that were transformed with the passage of time. This kitchen stands out for its spicy flavor, present in everything, even in some desserts. Colorful dishes, intense in flavor, deeply aromatic, full of history and a lot of tradition that allow us to enjoy a sensory trip, without leaving home.
I invite you to know a culture with an extraordinary past and a thriving current through its food. Viva Mexico!
Typical Mexican food recipes
If you want to try main dishes with intense and exotic flavors, you need to taste the spicy taste of Mexican food. In this kitchen full of color and intensity, the chili is the protagonist at all times. You can check its unique style in preparations such as chile chile, chilaquiles in a three-chili sauce, chile filled with picadillo, chicken in corn sauce and chile poblano, dry noodle with three chiles, charro beans with chile, among many other dishes.
Next we share the most popular traditional Mexican dishes in the country and the rest of the world, do not miss them!

1. Cod to the Biscay

To begin our tour of typical Mexican dishes, we chose the cod to Biscay for being an important Spanish dish reinvented in Aztec and Mayan lands. The spicy touch of the chile transforms this main dish into a traditional product of fusion food.
The cod to the Biscayan came to Mexico in the sixteenth century, when the Catholic religion was introduced to this country, as well as the customs of Lent and Christmas Passover. In Mexico, cod is considered a “festive dish”, which is why it is consumed especially during Christmas and the New Year.
This dish in its Mexican version varies its ingredients according to the region. For example, in most of the Mexican states they add chapaitas cambray to the preparation, however in Mexico City the tabasco sauce is put wide chili to accentuate its color and flavor, in addition they add raisins.
If you decide to try this traditional delicacy of Mexican food, we recommend preparing it a day before, as reheating enhances its flavor.
1 kilogram of cod
1 kilogram of tomato
500 grams of onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 bottle of olive oil
1 bottle of chilies güeros
1 jar of olives
1 jar of capers
1 bunch of parsley
If you do not know what to prepare for your next special celebration, you already have a great option and here is the recipe: “Cod recipe to the Mexican style vizcaina”.
The 15 most typical dishes of Mexico – 1. Biscayne cod

2. Chicken mixiote

The name of this dish comes from a prehispanic steaming technique, in which the mixiote leaf is used to wrap any type of seasoned meat.
The procedure consists in enchilar a meat, that is to say, to season it with aromatic herbs and several types of chile. Then, it is wrapped in a cloth or film that is detached from the pulque of the pulque maguey (Agave salmiana) and tied with hemp thread (wick). That web is called mixiote, for this reason this ancestral culinary procedure is called like that. Finally, steam cooking and … taste!

3. Mole poblano

The mole is an iconic dish of Mexican culture, whose origin dates back to pre-Hispanic times, like many others. However, this food was considered special, as it was offered to the gods as a token of gratitude. As the centuries passed, the stew of chile sauce (chiles, pepitas, tomatoes, achiote and other spices) was transformed, adopting the customs of each region and the contributions of the settlers. However, the change did not affect the original concept of the recipe, served as a dressing for several kinds of meat.
Although the most famous moles are the poblano and the Oaxacan, in Mexico there are approximately 50 types of mole, some of them are: the white cheese mole, the yellow mole, the tablecloth stain, the almond mole, the green pipián, the mole of pot, the red pipián, the mole prieto and the black mole, among many others.
This preparation is consumed throughout the Mexican territory, however it seems especially popular in the south, so they use it for all types of events: national holidays, festivities, Christmas, New Year, birthdays, weddings, baptisms, funerals, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Day of the Dead, etc.
Although the recipe for the most famous mole, the poblano, contains a few ingredients, well worth the effort, so take note!
1 whole chicken cut into pieces
225 grams of mulato chili
200 grams of broad chili
115 grams of pasilla chili
85 grams of sesame
85 grams of peanut
1 piece of hard bobbin
200 grams of butter
1 chocolate chip
2 chipotle chilies
500 grams of tomato
250 grams of onion
6 cloves of garlic
1 hard corn tortilla
1 teaspoon of anise
5 cloves
8 peppercorns
1 cinnamon stick
4 liters of chicken broth
100 grams of salt
If you fancy the typical Mexican food of the ancient pre-Hispanic gods, we recommend that you review this step by step: “Recipe of mole poblano”.
In addition, you can also check these delicious variants:
Red pot mole
Green pot mole
White pot mole

4. Tortilla soup

A magnificent Mexican dish product of cultural fusion. Part of this recipe originated during the pre-Hispanic era, it is said that probably in the state of Tlaxcala, also known as the “Land of corn” or “Place where the tortillas abound”. According to Mexican legends, it is said that the first tortilla was made by mixing fresh corn with dried grains in order to please an ancient Mayan king. Over time, in the sixteenth century, the Spanish arrived and brought new preparations and ingredients to the American continent, including soup, chickens and spices. Thus was born a recipe for Mexican food with pure mestizo flavor: the tortilla soup.
Seasoned with chicken broth, this hot Mexican soup is ideal for cold days, anywhere in the world! Ingredients? They are not few but not many, here you have them so that you judge for yourself.
12 tortillas
350 grams of tomato
60 grams of onion
1 clove garlic
2 liters of chicken broth
1 branch of parsley
1 branch of epazote
6 pieces of chile pasilla
1 avocado
1 cup of chihuahua cheese
1 cup of sour cream
1 pinch of salt and pepper
1 can of vegetable oil
If you have already decided but you want to know what steps to take, here we leave all the information: “Mexican tortilla soup”.

5. Pozole in all its versions

Another ancestral Mexican dish, consumed by the emperor Moctezuma and offered to the god Xipe Totec, is the pozole. “Pozole” comes from the word “Pozolli” which in Nahuatl means foam, due to the corn grain (large and white) used for this broth and its appearance after boiling, which resembles a flower and produces a lot of foam around it. Remember that the pozole is not made with any corn, it has to be cacahuazintle, that is to say the pozolero corn that is sold in supermarkets ready to use. Apart from white corn, meat was added to this preparation as it is today (today any type of animal meat, but preferably pork), however, around this fact there are also many legends, as some historians question the type of meat used at that time.
Undoubtedly, as with other Mexican foods so old, over the years this stew has been transformed according to the customs of each region. For this reason, there are around 20 versions of pozole distributed throughout the Mexican territory. To expose some examples, in the state of Guerrero green tomato is put, in Colima white cheese, in Jalisco pork and broad chili, in Michoacán chicharrón and in sardine coastal places.
The pozole is a festive dish, in the past and in the present, since in Mesoamerican society food was considered a social act. Thus, the pozole was shared with the family or the community, as it is today. For this reason, this dish is consumed during festive dates and special celebrations (national holidays, Christmas, Posadas, New Year, Day of the Dead, weddings, etc).
Another dish that was offered to the gods and that today we, mere mortals, can savor, so you can not miss this culinary experience. On this occasion, we will share the necessary ingredients for the preparation of the red pozole, however, as we say, there are many recipes that exist.
1 kg and a half of precooked corn
3 kg of pork bones
4 kg of pork
1 head of garlic
300 grams of onion
100 grams of guajillo chili
200 grams of radish
200 grams of romaine lettuce
2 tablespoons of cumin
50 grams of oregano
100 grams of lemon
1 pinch of salt
This magnificent soup is usually accompanied with toast cream or leg, if you can no longer with curiosity, here is the detailed procedure: “Red pozole recipe”.
If you have already tried the red pozole, we invite you to taste these variants that you will love:
Green chicken pozole
White chicken and pork pozole
Green Pozole with pork
The 15 most typical dishes of Mexico – 5. Pozole in all its versions

6. Chiles in nogada style Puebla

Another dish icon of Mexican cuisine, with more than 190 years of history, pleasing palates and paying tribute to the independence of the country. Its characteristics make it unforgettable to any diner: on the one hand, the colorful presentation in honor of Mexico, on the other, the contrast of flavors and aromas (spicy, salty and sweet).
This dish is usually consumed between August and September because two of its ingredients, the chestnut nut and the pomegranates, are only collected during those dates.
In addition to the typical variations of each region, there are currently many Mexican restaurants that prepare versions of this dish, quite bold and attractive. If you visit Mexico, you can go to one of these places and let your senses fly with cakes, sushi, ice cream, hamburgers, donuts, pizza, etc. Reinterpretations of traditional chile en nogada to which no one can be indifferent.
Many ingredients? Yes, but reserve this gourmet Mexican dish for special occasions. Likewise, it is easy to prepare.
5 poblanos peppers
350 grams of ground pork
350 grams of ground beef
100 grams of almonds
1 male banana
4 peaches
100 grams of acitrón
80 grams of black raisins
1 yellow apple
1 pear
30 milliliters of oil
2 grams of salt
1 gram of pepper
Parala nogada
100 grams of clean Castilian walnut
250 milliliters of milk
150 grams of goat cheese
At your service
100 grams of pomegranate grains
15 leaves of chopped parsley
A special dish that is very easy to prepare, you only need to follow these simple steps: “Recipe of chiles in nogada style Puebla”.
The 15 most typical dishes of Mexico – 6. Chiles in nogada style Puebla.